Briefing papers on Israel

This is a series of briefing papers for supporters of Israel, designed to provide background information on Israel, its history, politics and the issues facing it.

This list of essays was produced by We Believe in Israel.

Essay 1 – Israel’s Diverse Society

Essay 2 – Zionism and the foundation of the State of Israel

Essay 3 – Israeli Democracy and Politics

Essay 4 – Israel’s Modern Hi-Tech Economy

Essay 5 – Israel’s Strengths and Challenges as a Society

Essay 6 – Israel’s Energy bonanzas

Essay 7 – Israel’s Current Security Threats

Essay 8 – The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Essay 9 – The Peace Process – what are the issues

Essay 10 – The Boycott Movement – Who is delegitimising Israel

Essay 11- How can you help Israel here in the UK

The following briefing documents were produced by North London Friends of Israel.

Jewish Settlements on the West Bank briefing document

Khan al-Ahmar

The following briefing document about Jerusalem was produced by BICOM.

BICOM Jerusalem factsheet

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