Vote that “Zio” is a racist insult

Camden Council are to debate a motion that “Zio” is a racist, antisemitic insult. The local paper, the Ham&High, has an article and a vote on whether “Zio” is indeed racist. Please go to the site and vote ‘Yes’. Link here.

Also, if you’re a Camden voter, please write to your Councillor to urge him or her to support the motion. Let’s expose the bigotry of the Israel-haters for what it is.


Cllr Gio Spinella put forward the motion

Good news from the latest BICOM poll


The new BICOM survey of UK opinion on Israel and the Middle East is published today. Headline points:

  • 24% of the British public feel ‘warm’ towards Israelis compared with 20% who feel warm towards the Palestinians.
  • 57 % felt that Israel was Britain’s ally, the highest percentage for any Middle Eastern country. This is a 5 % increase on two years ago.
  • 48 % felt that “hating Israel and questioning its right to exist” was “anti-Semitic,” with 45 % of Muslim respondents agreeing with that statement, while only 20 % thought otherwise.

We are making a difference!

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