The Journey of the Kurds

“A warrior nation that is politically moderate, has proven they can be politically committed, and is worthy of statehood.” With these words, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Israel’s support for Kurdish independence last week. Read Gary Kent’s dispatch from Iraqi Kurdistan in which he traces the remarkable journey of a people from the repressed objects to the dynamic subjects of history.”

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Early Day Motion in support of the kidnapped Israeli teenagers

Bring back our boys
An Early Day Motion (EDM) is a device by which MPs express their views on an issue of the day. While an EDM has no binding significance, it acts as a statement of the feelings of the House of Commons, hence can act as pressure on ministers.
EDM 148, currently going the rounds, calls for the release of the kidnapped Israeli teenagers. It has currently attracted 36 signatures from MPs. While this is respectable by comparison with most EDMs, it could be better. You can see the text of the motion, and the list of those who have supported it here. Most surprising from our point of view is that no MP from North London appears on this list at the time of writing, with the exception (surprising to some) of Glenda Jackson, one of the sponsors.

How the Palestinian Authority Funds Terrorists

terrorism image

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is giving generous monthly stipends and large release grants to incarcerated terrorists. These convicted murderers – 78 of whom already have been released from prison by Israel in the framework of the negotiating process with the Palestinians – are receiving monthly stipends of up to nearly $3,500 and grants of up to $25,000. (Indeed, a senior Palestinian official responsible for prisoner affairs stated that the former prisoners will receive grants of up to $50,000.)

Read it here: PA – Terrorist Payments – Grants Salaries and Prisoner Pay