New BICOM Report: Britain and Israel building new strategic partnership

An encouraging report from BICOM about the state of UK-Israel relations. Spoiler alert – they’re in great shape.

Read the report here: UK-Israel_The-New-Strategic-Relationship-Jan-2020.

The threat of Corbynism is removed from our lives – for now

Thank you Britain. Thanks to the millions of decent voters, of all political persuasions, who saw through the hatred and bigotry of the present Labour leadership and ensured that Jewish people will continue to feel comfortable regarding this wonderful country as their home.

We hope that Labour will reflect and learn from this so that organisations like ours will never again have to take up partisan positions, and so that Jewish people and supporters of Israel can feel comfortable in any UK political party.

We are delighted at the return to Parliament of some local friends. Theresa Villiers, Matthew Offord, Mike Freer, Bob Blackman.

Theresa Villiers MP speaking at our 2017 event

Joan Ryan

We are deeply sorry that former Enfield North MP Joan Ryan was driven out of Parliament by the extremists in her party. Joan, we will miss your passion and commitment on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. We thank you for everything and wish you well for the future.

Joan Ryan MP speaking at an NLFI event in 2018


The General Election. An urgent message to our supporters

The General Election – an urgent message to our supporters

North London Friends of Israel has always been, and remains, an inclusive, non-partisan and non-sectarian organisation. We are neither right-wing nor left-wing, Brexit or Remain. Our supporters include people who are all of these. We welcome everyone, of all faiths and none, who supports Israel and wishes to help us put Israel’s case to our local community. We have always sought to do this in a non-partisan fashion.

However, this is no ordinary general election.

The leader of the Labour Party, and its candidate for Prime Minister of this country, has turned his party into a haven for Jew-haters, Israel boycotters and Holocaust deniers.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is not the party we knew – and many supported – in the past.
Good, principled MPs – Ian Austin, John Mann, Luciana Berger, Louise Ellman, John Woodcock, Joan Ryan and many others – have left or been hounded out of Labour by overtly racist, antisemitic intimidation.

Moderates who remain are falling into line behind Corbyn. This sanitises his racist policies and those of his supporters, increasing the likelihood of him becoming Prime Minister.

A victory for Labour would radically increase the level of open antisemitism in Britain. It would destroy Britain’s relationship with Israel and align it with  genocidal terrorists and dictatorial regimes who wish to wipe Israel off the map.

Unfortunately, it no longer matters how good or decent your local Labour candidate is. All Labour candidates are committed to making Corbyn Prime Minister.

A vote for Labour is a vote for Corbyn.

To fight this hatred we urge you to Stop Corbyn.

Please vote for whichever candidate is most likely to prevent a Labour victory.

Signed North London Friends of Israel.

Corbyn lays a wreath at the graves of the Munich terrorists

A great turnout for the NLFI Annual Event

Nearly 70 people packed into the hall at Sha’arei Tsedek Synagogue in Whetstone for North London Friends of Israel’s annual event. This year we were delighted to welcome as our speakers James Sorene, the Chief Executive of BICOM, and Vivian Aisen, Head of Public Diplomacy at the Israeli Embassy.

We were also delighted to welcome the Deputy Mayor of Barnet, Councillor Lachhya Gurung, and his consort Mrs Shova Gurung. We were also delighted to welcome Richard Woolf, Chair of the Synagogue and Vice-President of the Zionist Federation.

Thanks to all who helped and all who came, and thanks to Israel Bonds for their support for this event.

James Sorene of BICOM addresses our event

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