NLFI at the East Barnet Festival 2018

Another successful (and very hot) day at the East Barnet Festival 2018. We made lots of new friends, had many interesting discussions with members of the public, gave out hundreds of leaflets and signed up a large number of people to our mailing list. Thanks and well done to all our helpers who gave their time on the day, and to all who came to speak to us.

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We rally against the terrorist-supporting Al Quds Day

Another year, and another disgraceful instance of the flag of terrorist group Hezbollah being waved on the streets of London. As previously we were heavily involved in the counter-demonstration. Well done to all who came to support the protest.

Speakers included Maajid Nawaz, founding member of the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremist organisation. Also Harry Goldstein of North London Friends of Israel.

Gaza – from a soldier who was there

We now know that Hamas themselves have admitted that 50 of those killed on Monday were its operatives. We also know that their objective was to breach the border and commit massacres against the populations of any Israeli towns and villages they could reach. Still the mainstream media blame Israel and ignore the threats it faces.

Nevertheless, there will be many good friends of Israel who wonder whether more could have been done to minimise the deaths. This article by a soldier who was there explains the difficulties and dilemmas faced by those who defend Israel’s borders and population against terrorism.

The author, Kinley (Moshe) Tur-Paz, is founder and CEO of the Kibbutz HaDati Educational network.

Kinley Tur-Paz

The article is here.