Free Gaza – from Hamas

A report from an Arab source, no less, on the anti-Hamas demonstrations in Gaza, and the regime’s brutal response. No word from the British media on this…


Terrorists in suits

The Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs have produced a comprehensive report detailing the links between terrorist organisations and NGOs promoting BDS. The report makes clear the close links between those who seek to destroy Israel by violence and those who try to achieve the same goal by propaganda and delegitimisation.

You can read the full report here.

Hampstead – another successful street stall

Another successful street stall, this time in Hampstead. We found ourselves sharing the space for part of the time with a group of dancers and musicians celebrating the Chinese New Year, which brought a lot of extra people on to the street and added to the fun of the proceedings.

Lots of leaflets given out and new friends made. Well done everyone who took part.



North London Friends of Israel were at Limmud this year. This is the fantastic Jewish cultural festival held every year at this time.

We had a stall at the Shuk (marketplace) where we signed up a couple of dozen new people to our mailing list. Thanks to all who signed up, and to all who stopped to speak to us. And thanks to the Limmud organisers for making it possible.