We challenge the Al Quds Day march

Well done to all who took part in the counter-demonstration.

Street stall in Palmers Green

Another very successful street stall, on 10th June in Palmers Green. Some good reactions, interesting conversations and new sign-ups for our mailing list. Well done to all who took part.

A statement about the General Election

North London Friends of Israel is an inclusive, non-partisan group that supports the idea of a state for the Jewish people in their indigenous homeland. We welcome supporters of all political parties and religions. We have no ideology beyond support for Israel.

We normally just ask supporters to seek candidates’ views on Israel. However, one of the main candidates for Prime Minister, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, among many other acts:-

  • Wrote a letter to a court in defence of a 911 conspiracy theorist and friend of Holocaust deniers
  • Shares platforms with viciously antisemitic and anti-gay Islamists, and calls them his ‘friends’
  • Visited the grave of a man responsible for the mutilation and murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics
  • Will not expel a man from the Labour Party who publicly and repeatedly says that Jews collaborated with Nazis

Each one of the above is sickening and poisonous.

Any one of them would lead to immediate expulsion from any decent anti-racist party.

Jeremy Corbyn was not expelled. He is Labour’s leader and candidate for Prime Minister.

Furthermore, the Labour Party under Corbyn is committed to unconditional recognition of a Palestinian state, an action designed to isolate Israel and encourage Palestinian rejectionism.

There are many good friends of Israel in the Labour Party. Many of us would like to vote Labour and hope to do so in future. It hurts us deeply that a vote for a Labour candidate, however sympathetic to Israel, is a vote for Jeremy Corbyn to bring his prejudices, terrorist sympathies and hatred of Israel to 10 Downing Street.

We cannot remain silent. We urge our supporters, and all anti-racists, to bear these points in mind when voting in the General Election.

Corbyn at an anti-Israel rally