Let’s have a big push on the Co-op campaign

We are making good progress with this campaign. Print out the petition forms here and please get your friends, family and neighbours to sign.

NB. for best results ensure that page orientation is set to ‘Landscape’ for printing.

Please write to your Euro candidates in support of Israel

There are just nine days to go (at the time of writing) until Polling Day in the European Parliament Elections, which is on Thursday 22 May.

This is therefore the ideal time to ask our London candidates for the European Parliament what their views are on Israel.

A list of the London candidates is available here (with email addresses where available)

London European Parliament candidates

Read on for a suggested form of words. Remember however that the most effective approach is always to use your own words, and to personalise the communication wherever possible.

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Will you come out to support Israel

On Thursday 15th May the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) will be holding an anti-Israel rally in the middle of London. Once again, Palestinian supporters will try and hog the public arena, promoting their grotesque accusations of ‘war crimes’ and ‘apartheid.’ And once again, it’s down to all Israel supporters to come out in force to show them that we will not be cowed here.