Say no to al-Quds Day 2017

This year, the notorious Islamist hatefest known as al-Quds Day is planned for 18th June. Yes, that’s right – such a short time after a murderous Islamist terror attack on London, supporters of Islamist terror are proposing to parade through the streets of London in support of the Islamist terrorists of Hamas and Hizbullah, and to advocate the extermination of the Jews of Israel. Please protest to your MP, the Mayor of London and the government about this racist march on the streets of London, and ask them to prevent this sickening display from taking place. Let’s keep terrorism and racism off our streets.

Points to make in a letter:

You should always aim to use your own words, and say what you want to say. But here are some points that you might find helpful:

  • This is not a march for human rights, it is a march for racism and genocide.
  • It is offensive to all Londoners at a time when we are coming to terms with terrorist atrocities on our streets to have terrorist sympathisers parading in the heard of London.
  • The sponsors of al-Quds day are deeply antisemitic, and in past years the march highlighted banners and slogans which amounted to violent Jew-hatred.
  • The march can only harm communal relations at a time when we should be coming together after recent tragic events.

For contact details of the people to write to, read on:

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan:

The mayor can be contacted via an on-line form here:

Local Members of Parliament:

David Burrowes (Enfield Southgate):

Joan Ryan (Enfield North):

Theresa Villiers (Chipping Barnet):

Matthew Offord (Hendon):

Mike Freer (Finchley and Golders Green):

Tulip Siddiq (Hampstead and Kilburn):

Bob Blackman (Harrow East):

If you’re not sure who your local MP is, you can visit the following site and enter your postcode.

The Government

If you want to approach the government directly, the responsible minister is the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. Her ministerial email address is:



2 thoughts on “Say no to al-Quds Day 2017

  1. Sick of these bloody islamist cowards😮 about time England got a back bone again.can you see us english people going to their country’s bombing there people and then being allowed to march in their streets sick scum 😡

  2. I find it unbelievable and utterly disgusting in the light of very recent and still raw terror events. If this walk is allowed to go ahead it’s madness and makes a mockery of this country. We should stand up and be counted – United we stand, divided we fall.put the great back in Britain !

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