Briefing papers on Israel

We Believe in Israel have produced a set of briefing papers on Israel’s history and society. They are background briefings about Israel which people might find useful in discussing the situation. The first two are on Israels Diverse Society and Zionism and the foundation of the State of Israel.

One supporter’s plea to the new Co-Op Chief Executive

We have already highlighted our petition campaign to persuade the Co-Op to drop its ill-considered and discriminatory boycott of four Israeli companies (see relevant item below), and we hope all our supporters will work to make this campaign a success.

However, individual initiatives can also make a difference. Here is one heartfelt letter from a supporter to the scandal-ridden Co-Op’s interim Chief Executive.

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Join our campaign against the Co-Op boycott

co-op picture
Today we are launching our campaign to get the Co-Op to drop its boycott of four Israeli companies whose ‘crime’ is to operate in the Palestinian territories, bringing investment and employment opportunities to the local population.
We are attaching a petition which we would like as many people as possible in the North London area to sign. When we have the necessary signatures we will hand it in at one of the local stores. The aim is to make this a big event which will bring as much pressure as possible on the Co-Op to reverse its policy.