The IHRA definition of antisemitism

Israel-haters demonstrate against the IHRA definition.

Debates about Israel have recently been intimately bound up with debates about antisemitism. The resurgence of antisemitism – particularly, but not exclusively, in the Labour Party – has frightened and angered the Jewish community, and indeed all decent people.

But what is antisemitism? The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is a group of countries, including the UK, that has sought to combat this evil, and has produced a working definition of antisemitism to guide people working in this area. This definition has widespread support within the Jewish community and among pro-Israel activists. It is accepted by the British government and most public authorities in this country.

However, it has come under attack from Israel-haters, precisely because it recognises that many anti-Israel tropes are, or can be, antisemitic.

This article by a philosopher and a lawyer defend the definition. A must-read for anyone in the position of having to promote or defend the definition within their workplace, trade union or other organisation.