Qatar protest

Further to our previous post, here is the¬†protest in Downing Street on the occasion of the Emir of Qatar’s visit to London. Qatar funds both Hamas and ISIS, and runs Al Jazeera, which is increasingly a propaganda vehicle for the jihadi politics of these organisations.

Qatar demo - Downing Street

Qatar – complicit in terrorism

Please see Activist Briefing РQatar from the Board of Deputies about Qatar, one of the principal funders of Hamas, and allegedly (although they deny this) of ISIS. There is an important campaign to hold Qatar to account. See North London Friends of Israel emails for details.


The truth about Hamas and Israel – by the son of Hamas’s founder

Please watch this amazing interview on Channel 4 News with Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of the founder of Hamas. The first clip shows the introduction to the interview, which also publicises a film about Yousef’s life. The second shows the interview itself. Yousef tells the truth about Hamas and about Israel. Please note the interviewer’s incredulous and rather hostile reactions. The interview can be seen here. Please share it with anyone you know.