Fight the Architects’ Israel Boycott

RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) has passed a motion calling for the suspension of the Israeli Association of United Architects (IAUA) from the International Union of Architects, saying it is complicit in the construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Here are some actions you can take.

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The Green Line Campaign – what’s going on?

North London Friends of Israel supports a just, negotiated, two-state solution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. We are far from being ‘greater Israel’ fanatics. So what could then be more innocuous than a campaign to ensure that maps of Israel used by various organisations show the ‘Green Line’ (the 1949 Armistice line) to avoid giving the impression that Israel claims to own the whole territory? However, certain aspects of the recent ‘Green Line Campaign’ have given us great concern. Who organised it? What is their real agenda? And why do organisations appear to have signed up to it without giving their members any say in the matter? Continue reading

More on NUI Galway

One of our supporters points out the following regarding the student union vote at New University of Ireland Galway:

Only 18% of the students actually voted, and some who voted pro BDS have since regretted their choice citing misinformation and of course bullying. Thankfully it is not NUIG policy, merely a biased and ineffective student union that passed it.  College heads are investigating the incident… having already stated that it was unacceptable behaviour.

Thanks to Tom Garrett for this information.

A Challenge to NUI Galway from North London

The following letter was written to NUI Galway President Dr James J. Browne by one of our supporters who is an Irish citizen. See our earlier post for the way in which academic debate is conducted at this institution.

Dear Sir,

I have recently viewed a 40 sec. clip regarding the recent visit by Professor Alan Johnson. This was recently reported in the Daily Telegraph online:

I was born in Belfast, lived through the start of the “Troubles” and became an Irish Citizen after the Good Friday agreement. This was when I thought that Ireland stood for decency and reason. You may not agree with Prof Johnson, but by allowing him to be silenced by abuse, you surly weaken any argument against him. After all, if his ideas are so weak – why not destroy them by reasoned counter argument? It’s worse. By silencing him in this way you face being accused of the very fascism that Jews have experienced in their darkest times. I believe that Ireland is worth more than that, and that you, as representatives of Ireland can do better. Please make me proud to be Irish by supporting free speech and democracy. Invite Professor Alan Johnson, or his representative back and this time debate with honour.

Yours sincerely

Barry Kafka

UNWRA – Purveyor of hate

UNWRA (the United Nations Works and Relief Agency) is the UN body responsible for administering the ‘refugee camps’ in which the Palestinian refugees of 1948 and their descendants have been incarcerated by fiat of the Arab governments in order to preserve them as a weapon against Israel.

UNWRA is responsible for the education of the ‘refugee’ children. It claims to educate them for peace, but in fact they are taught to hate Israel and Jews, and to become martyrs in the cause of the right of return.

On Thursday March 13th, Bob Blackman MP hosted a conference on “The UNWRA Reform Initiative” at the House of Commons. A film was screened called ‘Camp Jihad’ which shows in terrifying detail what really goes on at these schools – funded, let us remember, by our taxes.

Watch the film ‘Camp Jihad’ here (scroll down for the video), and judge for yourself whether this constitutes an education for peace.

The Ugly Face of the Boycott Movement (as if there’s another kind)

Last week at very short notice Professor Alan Johnson of BICOM went to speak at NUI (National University of Ireland) Galway. There was a campus referendum on a boycott of Israel resolution the following day, which was expected to pass, and has since. Alan, along with the Press Officer of the Israeli Embassy in Ireland, was due to speak. The local organiser, a Christian, who is not part of a pro-Israel society or a Jewish society (neither exist on campus) decided late in the day, bravely, to organise a talk to put the ‘Vote No’ case.

The campus Anti-Israeli group turned up, listened for a minute or so, and then began to disrupt the meeting. A video was taken, which you can watch here. Note at the end his reference to “money”. Note also that the location is not the original You Tube one. Under pressure from the boycotters, You Tube agreed to delete it. However, other sites had meanwhile got hold of it. Warning: the video contains some strong language from the start.

More on Supermarkets

Another supporter informs us that “Waitrose sells loads of Israeli produce especially in the fruit and veg section…it is all labelled, so enjoy.”

Please contact Sainsbury’s to urge them to stock Israeli goods and to resist pressure to do otherwise. There is no boycott in force at Sainsbury’s, but they are coming under pressure from the BDS movement, and some countervailing pressure can only help. The email address to use is