Another successful street stall in Muswell Hill

Well done to all who came to help at our street stall in Muswell Hill last Saturday. Lots of leaflets given out, interesting conversations and several new contacts signed up.


We stand with the people of Israel in resisting the criminal rocket attacks by Hamas

Hamas deliberately fires its rockets from homes, mosques, schools and other civilian sites. The picture shows a rocket launcher mounted on the minaret of a mosque.

At the last count more than 500 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza.

Hamas are doubly war criminals. First because they target Israeli civilians, and second because they deliberately endanger their own civilians.

We pray for the safety of the Israeli people and stand with them in their resistance to terrorism.

We stand against the Israel haters

Last Saturday 30th March saw the disgraceful demonstration in London in support of the ‘Great March of Return’ – i.e. the attempt a year ago by Hamas to breach Israel’s border in order to spread terror and bloodshed. We were of course there in support of the counter-protest, of which we were co-sponsors.

Well done to all who came and stood firm for Israel against the haters.

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