Hampstead – another successful street stall

Another successful street stall, this time in Hampstead. We found ourselves sharing the space for part of the time with a group of dancers and musicians celebrating the Chinese New Year, which brought a lot of extra people on to the street and added to the fun of the proceedings.

Lots of leaflets given out and new friends made. Well done everyone who took part.




North London Friends of Israel were at Limmud this year. This is the fantastic Jewish cultural festival held every year at this time.

We had a stall at the Shuk (marketplace) where we signed up a couple of dozen new people to our mailing list. Thanks to all who signed up, and to all who stopped to speak to us. And thanks to the Limmud organisers for making it possible.

Operation Northern Shield

We received the following bulletin from the Israeli Embassy this morning (4th December).

This morning the IDF launched Operation “Northern Shield”, this is a defensive operation to thwart and neutralise attack tunnels, crossing into Israeli territory, built by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel. Hezbollah’s building of attack tunnels crossing from Lebanon into Israel is a blatant violation of UN Security Council resolution 1701, it is an act of aggression.

Israel will do its utmost in order to protect its citizens and its territory against such an aggression.

Please find the following IDF Announcement regarding the launching of Operation “Northern Shield”: http://lp6.me/52tj

The following footage depicts the development of the Hezbollah’s cross border attack tunnel project: https://bit.ly/2PiNpWf

In addition, please find the following footage depicting the preparations for the operation: https://twitter.com/i/status/1069891710229078019

Israeli soldiers on the Lebanon border in an earlier confrontation (2015)

Khan al-Ahmar

We have added a new briefing document to our web site.

Khan al-Ahmar is a Bedouin village which has sparked controversy as a result of an Israeli court decision that it can be demolished. Inevitably, this has led to an outcry by those hostile to Israel and those, more generally, who have seen a ’cause’ and haven’t made any effort to understand the situation.

The truth, as always, is far more complicated. Please read this briefing document produced by one of our members, which explains the background.