We confront the Israel-haters in London today

Saturday 4th November. There was a big demonstration in Central London today to protest against the Balfour Declaration (a little late, one might think) and to demand an apology from the British government.

However, the Israel-haters didn’t have it all their own way. A group of pro-Israel activists, including North London Friends of Israel, were there to show the other side and to challenge the anti-Israel propaganda. We got in front of the anti-Israel demo, and pretty much led it for most of its route, waving Israeli flags, singing Israeli songs and distributing leaflets to the public putting the positive case for Balfour.

We were interviewed on several occasions by the media, so we will keep an eye out for that.

We lead the way through Central London

Read on for more pictures…

We confront the other side at Piccadilly Circus

We make clear what we think of the other side







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