NLFI celebrates Balfour

We were delighted to welcome Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, and Jacob Vince, Chief Executive of Christian Friends of Israel, as guest speakers at our event to celebrate the Balfour Declaration on Sunday (22nd October). The event was held at Sha’arei Tsedek North London Reform Synagogue in Whetstone.

Theresa Villiers MP addresses North London Friends of Israel

Harry Goldstein gave a summary of NLFI’s work in the last year and future events.

  • We had taken the lead in challenging the notorious terrorist hatefest known as the Al Quds Day march. We would be continuing to campaign in the future for these events to be stopped, and to take the lead in opposing it should it take place.
  • The general election was a major challenge. We are a non-partisan organisation, but we felt we could not be silent when one of the major parties has been taken over by the very Israel-haters that we were formed to support.
  • We continued our very successful programme of street stalls and festivals and will be continuing this in the future.

Theresa Villiers talked about the importance of strong ties between the UK and Israel, and of challenging boycott narratives. She spoke of her pride that the UK had taken the lead in recognising Jewish national rights in the Balfour Declaration.

She also paid tribute to North London Friends of Israel for bringing a number of issues relating to Israel to her attention.

Jacob Vince spoke about his work with Christian Friends of Israel and the different theological views about Israel and Jews within the churches.

As well as the speakers, there was an exhibition about the Balfour Declaration courtesy of the ZF, and a display of the literature that we use on our stalls, much of it provided by Stand With Us UK, whose Communities Director Jonathan Farrell was also present.

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