After Al Quds Day, another outrage in our city

The Palestine Expo takes place in our city this weekend. Apart from the usual Israel hate, it features Islamist preacher Ibrahim Bham who once quoted Goebbels as describing Jews as fleas.

Sheikh Ebrahim Bham, who quoted Goebbels as describing Jews as ‘fleas’.

An outrageous toleration of antisemitism and hate in our city (in a government building too). More here and here

North London Friends of Israel quoted in Parliament

Last Wednesday 5th July there was a debate on Israel-Palestine in the House of Commons. In the course of Theresa Villiers’ (Con, Chipping Barnet) excellent speech in support of Israel, she quoted North London Friends of Israel by name – specifically one of the points we had made to her regarding media double standards in reporting on terrorist attacks in Israel compared to those in the UK or elsewhere. Many of the other points she made were also ones that we had put to her in our various discussions.

To see a complete recording of her speech, see our Facebook page here (login required).

We are also grateful to several of our other local MPs, including Joan Ryan (Lab, Enfield North), Bob Blackman (Con, Harrow East) and Dr Matthew Offord (Con, Hendon) who made excellent and supportive contributions.

If you are a constituent of one of these MPs, please write to him or her to express your appreciation. They endure a lot of pressure from the other side (including abuse and intimidation) and it is important that we show them how much their efforts are appreciated.

Joan Ryan MP

Bob Blackman MP

Theresa Villiers MP

Matthew Offord MP

North London Friends of Israel at the 2017 East Barnet Festival

A great day out at the East Barnet Festival last Sunday 2nd July. The sun shone, we gained lots of new friends and further raised our standing as part of the local community. Thanks to all who helped out, and to all who visited our stall.

With Theresa Villiers MP (4th left) and Deputy Mayor of Barnet Val Duchinsky (2nd left).

Talking to members of the public by our stall. Continue reading