Challenging the haters at SOAS

HE Mark Regev, the Israeli Ambassador, spoke at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in Central London on Thursday evening. Naturally – given that SOAS is a hotbed of the anti-Israel movement – there were anti-Israel protests and demands for him to be banned.

In the past, the protests and the Palestinian flags would have been all that were in evidence. Today, however, such things do not pass unopposed. North London Friends of Israel joined the call for a demonstration in support of Mark Regev, free debate and Israel. Thanks and well done to all who came.

Unusually, pro- and anti-Israel demonstrators were allowed to mingle in the SOAS forecourt.

Some choice anti-Regev slogans. What are they saying here exactly?

There were also the usual (pro-genocide) chants of ‘From the river to the sea…’ as well as ‘One solution, revolution’ making it clear which wild extreme of the political spectrum the calls were coming from.

Some more scenes.

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