Co-op Group London Meeting – Co-op remains stubborn over boycott

One of our supporters attended the London meeting of the Co-op Group last Saturday (10th May). This is her report.


by Josephine Bacon

To paraphrase Dr. Johnson, “Anti-Semitism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. Despite the deep financial difficulties of the Cooperative Group’s businesses, caused by a combination of dishonesty and mismanagement, the Group continues to boycott Israeli fruit and vegetables since they include produce from the West Bank (including Palestinian farmers’ produce). Michael  Harriott, Group Board Director announced in reply to a question asked at the South East Region Members Meeting of the Cooperative Group held at Central Hall, Westminster on Saturday 10 May, 2014 that the boycott of Israeli agricultural produce would continue. Despite the denial in previous Cooperative Group hand-outs, he did not quibble about the term “boycott”. One of the strongest advocates of the boycott, Munir Malik, recently removed from the Area Committee for having claimed to be an accountant, despite having been declared bankrupt, also attended the meeting. There was little criticism of the disastrous mess into which the Coop has fallen and the names of the main culprits were hardly mentioned.”

This makes our petition campaign all the more vital. Print off your copies of the petition form CoOp Petition for North London and be sure to get all your friends, family and neighbours to sign.


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