Join our campaign against the Co-Op boycott

co-op picture
Today we are launching our campaign to get the Co-Op to drop its boycott of four Israeli companies whose ‘crime’ is to operate in the Palestinian territories, bringing investment and employment opportunities to the local population.
We are attaching a petition which we would like as many people as possible in the North London area to sign. When we have the necessary signatures we will hand it in at one of the local stores. The aim is to make this a big event which will bring as much pressure as possible on the Co-Op to reverse its policy.
What you can do
Print off as many copies of the attached petition form as you need. If for any reason you are unable to print them, then to arrange for hard copies contact us by one of the means shown below.
Sign it yourself and get as many other people as possible to do so. Ask for signatures among your family, friends and neighbours, in your synagogue, church or other place of worship, or in any social or communal group you are involved in.
When you have forms filled with signatures, post them to the address given on the form – NLFI c/o BICOM, BCM Box 5708, London WC1N 3XX, or else hand them to a representative of North London Friends of Israel.
Please support our campaign – together we can make a difference

CoOp Petition for North London


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