UNWRA – Purveyor of hate

UNWRA (the United Nations Works and Relief Agency) is the UN body responsible for administering the ‘refugee camps’ in which the Palestinian refugees of 1948 and their descendants have been incarcerated by fiat of the Arab governments in order to preserve them as a weapon against Israel.

UNWRA is responsible for the education of the ‘refugee’ children. It claims to educate them for peace, but in fact they are taught to hate Israel and Jews, and to become martyrs in the cause of the right of return.

On Thursday March 13th, Bob Blackman MP hosted a conference on “The UNWRA Reform Initiative” at the House of Commons. A film was screened called ‘Camp Jihad’ which shows in terrifying detail what really goes on at these schools – funded, let us remember, by our taxes.

Watch the film ‘Camp Jihad’ here (scroll down for the video), and judge for yourself whether this constitutes an education for peace.


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